Web Design Month Round Up

Across our socials this month, we’ve been shining the spotlight on web design. It’s one of the core skills of our team here at Stimulating Minds. From completely bespoke WordPress templates to migrations to a new site- we offer a complete package for your business needs. Here’s a run down of our featured projects this month.

Project 1:

KE6 launched their first Online Prospectus with us, an exciting project to work on as it solidified the college’s position as a leader in sixth form education. The mix of engaging visuals and great user experience has aided the college in showing their personality to attract new students.⁠ ⁠ There are many components to a website, we have the full team to do it all 😉⁠

Project 2:

Here’s a handy tip to batch edit anything on photoshop.

Batch editing your images and content is an essential skill for populating a website (or editing a lot of content for any project). ⁠

Want to see it in action? Head to our Instagram reels to see it in action.

Project 3:

How we helped businesses win through web design 💪⁠

The website is the modern day shop front, so it’s important that it’s fit for purpose and will generate custom for you- whatever that might look like!⁠

Project 4:

Creativity and originality is what we love to see in a design. Matching that with the clients needs is what we do best 😉⁠

Here are 7 of our current favourite websites across a variety of industries:⁠

  1. AIGA Eye on Design
  2. Big Mamma Group
  3. Acid House Flashback
  4. Julie Bonnemoy
  5. Beregovoy Kvartal
  6. United Panel Group
  7. Stand Still Tea

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