Something for your mind #5

It’s a Christmas special.

For the last month of 2021 we are looking at some prime content to scroll through whilst your nursing your Christmas food baby, things to help you get the party started and the usual random moments of internet joy.

Remember to scroll all the way to the wild cards- they just might help with your secret Santa.

The complete party playlist.

By our very own Anna- designed to keep everyone on their feet all night 💃.

Obscure memes.

Need something soothing to scroll through? Check out @mignonettetakespictures for a never ending feed of cute, funny and calming images. Proven to help with hangovers and over indulgence, promise!


Name that colour.

Colour palette generating websites are a pretty handy tool for designers of all kind, from the professionals to those organising a party. Use Picular to find colour palettes based on the name of your project.


Interview with a food hero.

As it says in the beginning of this interview, there is a sense of accomplishment when you tell someone “it’s an Ottolenghi recipe”, often followed by smuggly brushing the hair off the shoulder. Read this brilliant interview with the man himself about his new cook book with his test kitchen head chef. Oh, he loves KitKats too!

How to Create a Cookbook

Great art.

We’ve heard on the grape vine that more tickets are going to be released soon for the iconic Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirror installation at the Tate Modern. It’s pretty rare that her work is displayed here in the UK so if you can, definitely go.

Tate Modern

Every sport a bowling ball.

Just a joy to watch. Something seemingly silly and nonsensical that brings a smile to your face. I guess it should come with a disclaimer of don’t try this at home.

Just your type.

How to find out what is going on in the glorious world of type. Typewolf has endless inspirational articles and typography reviews as well as free and paid for resources. You are sure to find something you love.


Wild Cards







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