Something for your mind #4

Welcome to your creative inspiration for the month.

There’s something about leaving the office in the dark for the first few times that feels like a novelty. It’s quick to fade but provided a nostalgic lilt for a fleeting second. (poetic.)

Since there’s less time to play outside, we can treat our creative minds to a bit more attention. Scroll through for some sometimes helpful, sometimes whimsical sources of inspiration.

Insta Repeat

We’ve all seen folks doing it for the gram and this account digs through Instagram for what is trending. The result is very satisfying to look at and make us question why we put content on the internet. Do we need to share everything we do?



This is an amazing online tool to create colour palettes by choosing what you like as you click through the colours. Great for creating in both a personal and professional setting!


Mark Corfield-Moore

A textile artist that uses traditional techniques and modern inspiration (often from his childhood) to create these amazing pieces. Check out his work in the link below, it’s pretty cool.

Mark Corfield-Moore

Return to the Rave Playlist

Who doesn’t want Tuesday afternoon to feel like Saturday night?

Paperback Paradise

An absolutely brilliant corner of the internet brought to us by Paperback Paradise. Look no further for your daily laugh.

Paperback Paradise

Korean Grandmas

A heart warming piece of work by Min Hyun-woo who travelled around Korea taking portraits of Grandmas, commissioned by Vogue Korea. It’s sure to bring a smile to your face.

Min Hyun-woo for Vogue Korea


If you spend all day on a screen like we do then this is a widget for you. Flux adjusts the colour of your screen depending on the time of day to help prevent some of the effects of blue light. Oh, and it’s free!


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