Something for your mind #3

It’s the third edition of this feature and you know what they say, three is a magic number. This time we have inspiration from all kinds of sectors that are delightfully random together. Don’t forget to scroll all the way to the bottom for the wild card links!

How To Make Every Coffee Drink

Most us in the office love a good coffee (we’re graphic designers, what can I say?) and thoroughly enjoyed all 34 glorious minutes of this video. It’s a great test for a coffee connoisseur to see how many of these you’ve tried. Anyone heard of Breve?

Six photographers who shaped how we see skateboarding

Glen E. Friedman
Glen E. Friedman
Sam Muller

This article from Dazed set us off on a skate photography rabbit hole and highlights the dedication that is ever present in the skate scene. Something we could all take a bit of inspiration from.

See the article

Iconic Houses

Fin Juhl House
Ple─Źnik House
Grace Miller House

Iconic Houses shares buildings of architectural and artistic importance around the world with an interactive map. It’s a fascinating way to spend some screen time and you’ll find something that you definitely want to visit. They also support iconic buildings at risk, provide architectural learning resources and even run tours!

Office Tunes

A great compendium of tunes for the working day by Sam from Patawawa. Can you hear those disco undercurrents?

Cool Web Design

We stumbled across this portfolio from freelance designer Julie Bonnemoy and love the design and function of the site. It is really in keeping with the quality of the work and proves that a well designed website is a selling point in it’s self.

Julie Bonnemoy portfolio

Martyna Makes

@martynamakes (instagram) is a South London based illustrator and we love the complex colour palette mixed with simple shapes and characters. Her ‘Prints Against Pessimism’ series really hits the spot and we will definitely be keeping her in mind for Christmas shopping this year.

Creative Types

Adobe has just released a psychology lead personality test to see what creative type you are. The presentation of this is beautiful as they collaborated with some of the top talent in the world to put together the visuals. In the office we have a thinker and a few adventurers!

Wild Cards






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