Something for your mind #2

It’s nearly full blown Autumn.

We’ve transitioned into the new season and back into that usual beat of life after the summer. This month’s selection of brain fuel celebrates that sweet summer just gone as well as reminding us of all the fun of Autumn.

We’ve got your soundtrack covered, food for thought and weekend adventure ideas. Scroll all the way to the bottom for the new feature. Click the wild card links at the bottom and see where it takes you…

Enjoy your creative inspiration!


Baubauhaus is an amazing library of highly creative graphic design, illustrations and photography that is excellent viewing when you feel a little uninspired. From photography to colour palettes, there’s something to get your brain ticking.


Green Ideas by Penguin Publishing

This new series by Penguin publishing is all about protecting our glorious planet. It’s usually when the season turns that we feel more in tune with nature and notice all those small nuances. A great time to do a little further reading around Mother Earth.

Green Ideas by Penguin Publishing

2021 Playlist by Dom Gourlay

A compendium of what all the cool cats have been putting out so far this year. You’ll definitely find a new favourite in this playlist. We personally are enjoying Viagra Boys, Do Nothing and Goat- thanks for putting it together Dom!

Fernand Surfboards x Jean Jullien Studio

Just a touch obsessed with these Surfboards illustrated by Jean Jullien. Did you know the sea is at it’s warmest in September as it has been heated up all summer by the sun? These definitely get make us feel psyched to catch a wave.

Jean Jullien Studio

Tokyo 2020 Photography

Weren’t the Olympics great? This round up on really sums up the energy and spectacle of the events. Anyone else been inspired to get a bit more active?

Tokyo 2020

British Culture Archive Instagram

A great follow. It tracks British Culture through the 20th century with images full of character and a few famous characters along the way. The link between fashion, music and the socio-political climate is always fascinating and provides an endless source of creative inspiration and pondering.

British Culture Archive Instagram







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