How to Crop and Resize Images for Free

A preview of how to crop images without Photoshop

Images have a role in sustaining consistency within websites, which is why it’s useful to keep on top of the images you’re putting on a site. However, it may not be so simple for some people as they don’t have access to Photoshop. Ground breaking news – it can be done without it. Below is a list of useful free tools that you can use to crop images without Photoshop.



GIMP is an entirely free image manipulation program that can do everything you need it to. With a bit of research you can navigate around the software and have perfect images in no time! It would be most suitable for people that intend to do a few graphics themselves, since it’s a large piece of software with a lot of capabilities.

 Using GIMP to resize the Stimulating Minds logo

The user interface is similar to Photoshop itself with a toolbar including the crop tool (or you could type Shift + C) – the only difference is, it’s FREE! If you think this is the option for you, check out GIMP for yourself here.


2. Preview (On Mac)

Preview is an extremely useful tool, not only for previewing images, but for cropping them, too. It’s free, although the software is only available for Mac machines. IrfanView is a free alternative for Windows which is a relatively straight forward process.

In order to crop using Preview, ensure you have clicked on the ‘Show Markup Toolbar’ icon to open more options to choose from. On this opening toolbar, click the ‘Selection Tools’ icon. You can see the available shapes to crop to on this list.

Cropping the Stimulating Minds logo, steps 1 and 2

Now, it’s just as simple as click and drag around the area you want to crop. If you’re cropping to fit a certain dimension, Preview will tell you the dimensions as you’re selecting the area. Once you’re happy, you can File -> Save to overwrite the file you’re editing, or File -> Export to make a new copy, incase you wanted to show some friends what a great job you did!

Cropping the Simulating Minds logo, steps 3 and 4


The online alternative to crop images without Photoshop. Photopea offers a similar user interface to Photoshop, allowing you to crop images as you’d like, as well as make changes to the image itself. It’s fairly simple to use, just click the Crop icon on the toolbar to the left, click and drag over the area you want to crop and release once you’re happy. To save it, just go to File -> Save for web and you have a variety of choices for the file format. A cool feature of Photopea is that you’re able to open any Photoshop file and edit it freely. Oh yeah, and it’s free!


4. Microsoft Paint

Cropping Images for Free in Microsoft Paint
Yep, you read that right. Windows users can crop their images for free by using Microsoft Paint. To do so, open the image you wish to crop in Paint. Click on the select tool and drag it around the part of the image that you want to crop. Now that you have your selection, you can simply hit crop, or right-click inside the selection and then select crop.


If you wanted to post these images to your social media page then here’s a really useful website that shows the best dimensions to post to each social site. If you still think you can’t quite crop images by using the methods above, then send us an email, we’re more than happy to help.

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