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Something for your mind #1

We like to keep ourselves creatively inspired so we thought we would share a monthly batch of our deep diving finds. For July, as we get ready for those sweet summer holidays, here is your first batch of general eclectics. Hiller Goodspeed @hillergoodspeed We’re enjoying these witty illustrations by Hiller Goodspeed. A great follow for […]

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SEO Explained Like You’re 5

Search Engine Optimisation is quite complicated, even if you’re interested in technology the amount of information about SEO out there can overwhelm you easily. On the other hand, SEO is already very important and that won’t be changing anytime soon. So, I’m going to tell you about what you need to know about SEO like you’re five.

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2020 Upcoming Marketing Trends

Hello all! We’ve been a bit quiet on here for a while, but we’re back and we’re ready to update you on some major marketing trends that will only be growing in 2020.

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How to Crop and Resize Images for Free

A preview of how to crop images without Photoshop

Images have a role in sustaining consistency within websites, which is why it’s useful to keep on top of the images you’re putting on a site. However, it may not be so simple for some people as they don’t have access to Photoshop. Ground breaking news – it can be done without it. Below is a […]

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The lost art of listening…

Album of the Day

We all know it’s now nothing new to lament the shift away from consuming music in it’s physical form, so I’ll leave that there, but in an effort to avoid slipping exclusively into a shuffle-playlist-recommended-for-you vortex, we’re dedicating the last hour of each day to “Album of the Day”…

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Welcome to our new home!

Stimulating Minds @ The Colour Shed

We’ve moved, but not very far. This week we finally relocated into our lovely new home at the appropriately titled Colour Shed. Still based within Darley Abbey Mills, our new ground floor studio can be found behind our old home at The North Mill. No more lugging bikes up two flights of stairs! Our new […]

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Bexley for Business

2014 saw the launch of London Borough of Bexley’s new inward investment initiative and website Bexley for Business. Stimulating Minds created the visual identity and online resource website for all things business within the borough.

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