So what’s this all about?

Hello! Well, in a nutshell, it’s about us, Stimulating Minds. We’re a dedicated, passionate and (if we may say so) pretty damned good design agency.

Based in the centre of England, our humble beginnings (from a shed in Karl’s garden in 2006) have set us in good stead to continuously, and successfully, punch well above our weight within the design stratosphere. Continually delivering a high standard across a range of disciplines from branding to large-scale web applications, retail design to targeted marketing campaigns.

We like what we do and we do it well – though you can be the judge of that, so why not have yourself a little look at our work and let us know what you think.


Yeah, well that’s all fine and good, but who actually are you?

Alright, so you fancy a quick run through who you’ll find gracing the 2nd Floor of the North Mill then, eh?

Okay, but we’ll leave it to you to work out who’s who below. So… we’ve got the bequiffed Morrissey throwback Karl. We’ve got the ridiculously handsome Marcus, the finely coiffured Andy, and the ever efficient Kirsty. We’ve got Sam bringing some young blood to the team, and we’ve got Gilly, the small hairy one that isn’t Marcus. The unlucky squad players that didn’t make the team photo include Christophé and ‘the other Sam’.

The Stimulating Minds team

Anything else interesting, for example a recent landmark anniversary?

Thanks for asking, and as it happens, yes! We’re ten years old!

Happy birthday to us. Cheers. We’re very proud of the work we’ve output over the past ten years, and have seen our team and skill-base steadily grow. But what we’re especially proud of is the relationships that have grown with our lovely, diverse client base.

Here’s a few nice things some of them have said about us (and we didn’t even have to bung them a tenner or anything!)…



“I am really happy with the finished product.”

I have worked with Stimulating Minds for at least 12yrs and have always found the whole team really professional, engaging understanding, patient and just a really nice business that understands the voluntary sector. They create any promotional materials we require and for website support.  I am really happy with the finished product and it’s exactly what we asked for, I would definitely recommend them. 

Rosaleen Lynch, Service Manager at Carers Federation Ltd