5 Online Promotion Tips for Photographers

To celebrate World Photography day on the 19th of August, we asked our office resident photography expert Sam Docker to impart a little wisdom on the art of promotion.

Sam knows a thing or two about self promotion with an impressive wedding photography business built up by his own skill and knowledge. So, without further I do (sorry) let’s find out what the best promotional tips are for freelance creatives.

1. Get a great website

Make sure you have a professional, modern look. Most creatives work almost entirely online so this is your store front. Make sure it’s tidy!

2. Connect with your fellow creatives online

Don’t just promote, connect. Social media isn’t about chasing followers, it’s about creating a network and adding value for each other. You can greatly improve your reach by leaving comments, sending messages and sharing posts with your community. Facebook groups are a great way to discover your local creatives.

3. Be consistent on social media

Post regularly across all your chosen platforms, this helps you get noticed by more accounts. Once a day is a great place to be.

4. Be yourself

Stay true to your voice and vision. Decide on what your niche is and stick to it, this makes it easier to create content as you’re not trying to be everything at once.

5. Keep your portfolio fresh

Stay on top of updates with your portfolio so potential clients can see your best work. This goes for what you share on social media as well as your website.

Check out Sam on our reels over on Instagram

See his website (built by yours truly) here